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Database of gifted youth

The data bank is an automated system of centralized accounting, accumulation and systematization of information about pupils, students, cadets who have received the promotion of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for social support of gifted pupils and students who are winners of international and republican olympiads (contests, tournaments, other competitions) in educational subjects that have shown a high level of training in individual subject areas, special successes in research, creative, intellectual activity (hereinafter referred to as gifted youth).

The data bank is maintained for the following purposes:

  • informing state bodies, business entities, other interested parties about the achievements in the educational and scientific activities of gifted youth;
  • assistance in organizing the training of gifted youth, their professional development and growth;
  • improving the system of work with gifted youth.
  • Order, forms. Description of application. Database of gifted youth (PC version dated 01.03.2017). Software that provides the implementation of information retrieval on request.